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Why is filter removal needed in


All DSLR cameras have sensors which are sensitive to infra-red light. Camera manufacturers install IR filters to keep most IR energy from reaching the imaging sensor in order to maintain a correct colour balance similar to what our eyes see.  Unfortunately, these filters also attenuate hydrogen-alpha radiation which is very important for capturing the red nebulosity in astronomical photographs. A typical IR filter blocks as much as 75% of the light arriving to the chip in the H-alpha wavelength. By removing the stock IR filter or replacing it with a Baader IR filter that is transparent to hydrogen-alpha, the camera's sensitivity for astrophotography is greatly increased.

All the cameras have been checked for dead pixels both prior and after modification. Time and weather permitting, I make an effort to test them in prime focus with my telescopes.


Setup B:

SW Evostar 80ED DS-pro with 0.85 SW focal reducer on a HEQ5 Pro. Guiding through a SW 9X50 finder scope and a Orion Starshoot Autoguider via an adapter from Modern Astronomy

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